Coins for sale


We specialise in rare and choice English coins. Coins are subject to individual grading standards and are subjective, we grade to our standards which we feel are strict.


Rarity is a key aspect and many coins of the highest rarity fetch substantially more than list prices.  So, be prepared to pay extra for those elusive coins you have been searching for.


Advice is always available free of charge and we are happy to appraise your collection.  We are also experts in investment and are happy to discuss this with respect to numismatics.

We are also offer competitive rates for clients wishing us to sell coins on their behalf.

As leading buyers of coins we are always interested in purchasing single coins and collections.

Articles on numismatics

As the auction season closes in London the prices paid for all types of coins have been astounding.  It sometimes beggars belief that coins of sometimes average quality are fetching far more than catalogue prices and generally more than dealers ask. This seems to have created a parallel universe in which coins are fought over in auction rooms and dealers have unsold coins which are cheaper.

However, in this unusual market anything can happen, as long as interest rates are low and investors are looking for alternative investments the scope for a good return on investment remains positive. But, in the medium to long term coins should be treated as a great hobby and something to enjoy and spend time over rather than waiting to sell for a quick profit.